Visit Santa Maria

Eastern Group of the Azores

From the green of the fields to the dark ochre of the earth, the golden of the beaches and the turquoise waters, Santa Maria differs from the other islands of the archipelago.

Island Festivities

From April to September, the island is in celebration, starting with the Feast of the Holy Spirit, passing through the Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, patroness of the island until the Feast of the Harvest in São Lourenço. Not forgetting the summer festivals!

Isle of Sun

Santa Maria is the southernmost and easternmost island of the Azores, and has a warmer and drier climate, which contributes to a greater aridity of the land and dryness of the yellowish tonal vegetation, and is therefore called Ilha do Sol.

Beautiful landscapes

The island has two distinct areas, one flat where the airport is located and the other more rugged in the eastern half of the island, with lush vegetation and the highest point of the island, from where you have a beautiful panoramic view.

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The fantastic island of Santa Maria

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