About Us

SMASOLTRAV is a new travel agency, but with well-defined guidelines.

This project came to life precisely at a time when its founders believe, more than ever, in the touristic development of the Island of Santa Maria and because they want to take the name of the Azores and the Island as far as possible, inviting tourists from all over the world to discover the Azores archipelago and especially the island of Gonçalo Velho.

We also intend to offer all the inhabitants of the Island of Santa Maria in the Azores and all the locals and Portuguese descendants spread across the globe, our travel agency services to any destination in the world, whether for business or pleasure.

Mário Quintana once said: To travel is to change the soul’s clothes.

And it is with this motto that SMASOLTRAV, as a travel agency, wants all its customers to have the desire to change their traveler’s soul, choosing SMASOLTRAV as their top travel agency.

The SMASOLTRAV travel agency offers its customers the best holiday packages, carefully selected through renowned national and international operators, chosen by us and based on their experience, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards for all our customers, both private and business.

The SMASOLTRAV travel agency also offers customized holiday packages, as well as a wide range of travel and tourism services with total freedom and flexibility for our customers.

The SMASOLTRAV travel agency is proud of its motivation, professionalism and know-how in search of the best personalized service for each customer.

The word impossible doesn’t exist for SMASOLTRAV, our customers’ dreams and desires will always be a challenge and we will do everything in order to make them a reality.

Our small team is our greatest asset and we will do everything we can to provide our customers with the highest quality standards in all our services.

SMASOLTRAV is the only travel agency based on the beautiful island of Santa Maria, one of the Azores’ nine islands, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where we want to have our very own “Blue Ocean”, always making a difference and creating value for our customers.

Our Vision

The SMASOLTRAV travel agency wants to provide a personalized service to all its private and business customers.

The SMASOLTRAV travel agency wants to organize exclusive holiday trips for each type of traveler, offering hotels selected by us or by our operators, tailored to each client and always with the fairest value. We also offer unique experiences and exclusive services for worldwide destinations.

The SMASOLTRAV travel agency wants all its clients to travel safely, knowing that we will always be at their side during all their travels and adventures.

And then…

Get ready to plan your next trip!

What are you waiting for?

Contact us, schedule your trip, enjoy it and when you return bring us a magnet of the place you visited, we will be delighted to add it to the wall of our travel agency.

Our Partners

Some of the partners who help us offer you a fantastic holiday…


Would you like to be our partner and help us provide our customers with a dream vacation?

Please contact us at: info@smasoltrav.com

We will be happy to hear what you have to offer in order to improve our customers’ experiences.